Effortless Document Storage/Retrieval and Security

Transform how you manage and store digital Word documents with Docufen’s Auto-Archive feature. Say goodbye to traditional, cumbersome paper-based documentation. Here’s how Docufen takes control:
  • Secure Digital Library: Instead of printing, ‘send’ your Word document to our secure and compliant digital library. Files are automatically sorted into folders with unique IDs and URLs, eliminating the worry of storing and archiving.
  • Integrity and Credibility: Through digital fingerprint tracking, Docufen ensures original documents cannot be tampered with, helping you demonstrate credibility during audits. Your Word documents and attachments are assigned unique IDs for seamless tracking.
  • User-Friendly Transition: Transitioning from pen and paper-pages to keyboard and digital-pages with Docufen is smooth. Your workflow remains almost unchanged, with no steep learning curve. Automation takes care of rules, allowing you to focus on vital matters like patient safety.
  • Auto-Signature Log: Every participant in creating, reviewing, or approving content is fully traced using Microsoft credentials. No more chasing after forgotten signatures; ‘signature log’ is automated.
  • Auto-Attachment Log: Attach files with ease. Select your desired location in your Word document, and Docufen takes care of the rest. An attachment number is generated, the file is uploaded in the same folder, and an automatic attachment log is created. No more printing, labeling, or signing endless pages or filling out attachment logs.
Embrace a new era of convenience, compliance, and control with Docufen’s Auto-Archive feature. Manage your documents effortlessly, while focusing on what matters most: the well-being of your patients. Join us in making paperwork a thing of the past.

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