Digital GxP Signatures

Sign and Pre/Post Approve with Microsoft Single Sign-On.

You can now utilise your organization’s Microsoft credentials to sign documents, streamlining the process with Single Sign-On. Here’s how it works:
  • Select a table cell in your Word document.
  • Choose the reason for signing (author, reviewer, approver).
  • Enter your Microsoft username and password.
  • A digital signature is then placed in your document. It’s that simple.
But here’s the exciting part: Gone are the days of physically transporting documents for signatures or contributions. Share the document with your colleagues, and they’ll receive an email with a link. They can sign the document or add text and attachments, all online.
Think about the time and effort you’re saving: In the past, delivering and collecting documents around the site required lengthy trips through various departments. Reviewing a physical document meant additional travel time, all contributing to hidden expenses we’ve accepted without question in the industry.
Embrace the convenience and efficiency of digital signatures and collaboration.

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