Type and Attach

Seamless Document Editing and Attachment

Managing text entries and attachments in your Word documents has never been easier. With the Docufen add-in task pane, you can accomplish the following:
  • Add Text: Select a table cell, and type your desired text entry. Docufen verifies your credentials and time/date/user stamps all entries, ensuring integrity and compliance.
  • Make Corrections: Just like paper, you can select a word or sentence, enter the new text, and provide a reason for the change (a compulsory field). The corrected text will be struck through, maintaining the familiar feel of paper editing.
  • Attach Files: Forget about printing, labelling, and signing each page as per Good Documentation Practice. Simply select a cell, choose a file, and enter a brief description. An attachment log is auto-generated, and the attached file’s URL is linked right in the Word document.
But that’s not all: Whether it’s images, videos (perfect for smoke studies), PDFs, or Excel files, you can attach any file format you desire.
Embrace the convenience of digital document management. With Docufen, you’ll not only meet industry standards but exceed them, saving time and reducing paper usage. Join the revolution in documentation that’s as versatile as it is user-friendly.

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