21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Your Word Documents Empowered

Docufen acts as a bridge between your keyboard and your Word documents, bringing 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in an environment that’s been the industry’s go-to for decades: Microsoft Word.
Here’s how Docufen transforms your Word experience:
  • Use Existing Word Documents: You can take any of your Word documents exactly as they are and use them with the add-in. No alterations or adjustments needed.
  • GxP Compliance Made Simple: Traditionally, filling out GxP entries in Word has been non-compliant. But Docufen is a game-changer, offering a GxP-compliant add-in designed exclusively for Microsoft Word.
  • Complete Control: Sign, pre-approve, and make controlled, user/date/time-stamped data entries in Word’s familiar interface without altering your workflows.
  • Assistance and Efficiency: Tools like empty table cell detection ensure nothing is missed, while the add-in streamlines document completion and approval.
  • Powerful Collaboration: With Docufen, Microsoft’s robust collaboration features become more potent, fostering efficiency without altering appearance or workflow.
  • End Product Compatibility: Finish with a file ready for upload to your QMS or VMS, or use a unique URL stored on your SharePoint site.
In essence, Docufen lets you embrace the future of GxP-compliant data entries in Word without changing a thing about your documents. Your files remain the same, your workflows are untouched, but the power of digital collaboration is now at your fingertips. Join us on this journey and see how we’ve simplified compliance without complicating your process. Enhance your existing Word documents with features that allow you to complete and approve your content effortlessly.

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