Your Workflows Unchanged

Streamlined Compliance for Your Digital Data Entry in Microsoft Word

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping your processes consistent and compliant is vital. Docufen is designed to blend seamlessly into your existing workflows, bringing compliance and simplicity to your Microsoft Word experience.
Here’s how Docufen makes a difference:
  • Almost No Change: The transition to Docufen is as simple as switching from pen to keyboard. Your existing Quality Management Systems (QMS) Validation Management Systems (VMS)or Document Management System (DMS) workflows remain unchanged. Everything you’re doing now, you keep doing.
  • Digital Convenience: Instead of ending up with a paper page, you’ll have a Word document stored securely in your company’s cloud. Attach it to your QMS/VMS/DMS or refer to it using its unique URL. Your document management becomes as agile as your business needs.
  • Perfect Integration: Docufen plays well with any system. There are no new workflows to learn; only the pre-approval, execution, and post-approval of documents which is universal to all GxP documents. Things like document number generation remain as you’ve always done them.
With Docufen, the only significant difference is the convenience and compliance that digital brings to your document management. Embrace a system that understands your needs and fits effortlessly into your current operations. Trust Docufen to handle the details, so you can focus on what you do best.


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