We imagine a world without paperwork where people with integrity who always put patients first, find their work gets easier and go home every day feeling that they’re also taken care of.

1 years
in pharmaceutical validation
in software development

Made in Sydney

We believe in building a business with soul, focusing on empathy, integrity, simplicity, and learning from mistakes to support remarkable Food & Drug caregivers.

Our Values

  1. Deep Listening: We listen with a willingness to change our minds.
  2. Integrity: Committed to the right thing, kindness, diversity, inclusion, and mutual support.
  3. Psychological Safety: We value open, respectful communication, risk-taking, and authenticity without judgment. An ego-free zone where the best ideas win.
  4. Distraction-Free Environment: We ensure focus at work by turning all notifications off.
  5. Simplicity: Striving for simplicity in customer interactions and automating internal processes to free up time for what we love.
  6. Grounded Ambition: Aiming high with humility, open to learning, and quick to admit errors.
  7. Service Orientation: Passionately serving each other and our customers with an ownership attitude, contributing to supporting Food & Drug caregivers.
  8. Problem Reframing: Thoughtful selection of problems to drive innovative, industry-enhancing solutions.
  9. Internal Risk Taking: Unafraid to take internal risks to help the industry, considering others as worthy rivals, but never risking customer trust.
  10. Embracing Failure: Viewing failure as a learning opportunity, encouraging risk-taking and learning from mistakes.

Sydney’s Precision and Barcelona’s Creativity

As a team, Bill and Vincent represent a harmonious blend of two distinct worlds, Sydney’s precision and Barcelona’s creativity. This combination isn’t just about geography; it’s a fusion of mindset, culture, and expertise that guides our startup’s ethos. Their collaboration reflects Sydney’s methodical attention to detail and Barcelona’s vibrant innovative spirit, uniting to drive our mission to help the Food and Drug industry transition from paper-based documents to digital, GxP compliant solutions. Together, they’re not only bridging two cities but creating a partnership that encapsulates a shared commitment to excellence and a modest ambition to make a tangible difference.

About The Founders

We are proud to be part of Antler’s portfolio, who accepts less than 5% of annual applicants, with access to a global community of innovative co-founders, expert advisors, and strategic capital that empowers us to grow faster and make a meaningful impact in our industry.

An Antler Portfolio Company

Early-Stage VC

Bill’s journey, rooted in Sydney’s culture of technological precision, spans 20+ years in software development, 15 years in machine learning, and 7 years in cloud computing. Further enriched by his involvement in 2 previous startups, his expertise showcases a strong technical background and an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on meticulous accuracy. Bill’s precision complements the creative solutions, setting new standards for innovation.

Bill King

Co-Founder &
Chief Technology Officer

With 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry in Validation and Consulting, and 6 years in Marketing & Sales in Autoimmune Diagnostics, Vincent’s experience comes alive with creativity. Nurtured in the artistic atmosphere of Barcelona, Vincent creatively reframed the industry’s paper-based documentation challenge as an MS Word data entry problem. His creative insight, combined with Bill’s precision, forms a partnership that’s redefining our industry.

Vincent Garcia

Co-Founder &
Chief Vision Officer